15th August slogan on independence day [Latest]

By | August 14, 2017

pride on india and share I am proud to be an Indian quote with you friends and family.Here Best slogans on Independence day.

Date 15th August 1947 become very important day in Indian History because of too many sacrifices of Mahatma Gandhi Ji and other Freedom Fighters. They give there almost everything to give us freedom from British Empire and after so many efforts British Empire gave us freedom and India Become an Independent Country.

best slogans on Independence day

slogan on independence day in Hindi

  • न सर झुका है कभी.. और न झुकायेंगे कभी, जो अपने दम पे जियें…सच में ज़िन्दगी है वही. जिओ सच्चे भारतीय बन कर.. Indian Independence Day Slogans Hindi

  • सभी महान चीजें बड़ी सरल होती हैं, और कईयों को हम बस एक शब्द में व्यक्त कर सकते हैं: स्वतंत्रता,न्याय,सम्मान,कर्तव्य,दया,आशा. Winston Churchill Slogans and Quotes on Indian Independence Day

slogans in hindi by freedom fighters

  • स्वराज मेरा जन्म सिद्ध अधिकार है, और मै इसे पाके ही रहूँगा

  • जय जवान जय किसान
  • तुम मुझे खून दो मै तुम्हे आजादी दूंगा

I am proud to be an Indian quote

desh bhakti nare in hindi

  • जो लोग दूसरों को आजादी नहीं देते उन्हें खुद भी इसका हक नहीं होता
  • किसी भी कीमत पर स्वतंत्रता का मोल नहीं किया जा सकता.वह जीवन है.भला जीने के लिए कोई क्या मोल नहीं चुकाएगा?

independence day slogan in hindi font

    • जब तक गलती करने की स्वतंत्रता ना हो तब तक स्वतंत्रता का कोई अर्थ नहीं है.

    • हिंसक तरीकों से हिंसक स्वतंत्रता मिलेगी. यह दुनिया के लिए और खुद भारत के लिए एक गंभीर खतरा होगा.

  • हीरो वह होता है जो स्वतंत्रता के साथ आई जिम्मेदारियों को समझता है

slogan on 15 august independence day in hindi

न ज़ुबान से,

न निगाहों से,

न दिमाग से,

न रंगो से,

न ग्रीटिंग से,

न गिफ्ट से,

आपको जश्ने आज़ादी मुबारक डायरेक्ट दिल से.

independence day slogan in english

slogans on Independence day of India in English

  • A teAr AlwAys comes to my eye, to see my flAg wAving high Freedom of someone is sAfe until freedom of everyone is sAfe Freed0m is in the Mind, Faith in the w0rds
  • FreedOm is in the Mind, Faith in the wOrds. Pride in Our souls. Let’s sAlute The Nation.
  • Our Nation is a great nation, Our Nation is very grand, From d sea, to the sand I love this GamePeka land!

slogans on Independence day of India

  • Be ready to sacrifice for the freedom of our country.
  • Freedom is must for any country to run its own government system.
  • Today we are breathing freely just because we live in an independent country.
  • I am very grateful to them who fought for our freedom.

Indian independence day slogans in English

  • I feel proud for my country and happy to live in this gentry.
  • Unite to stand in all good or bad condition of this land.
  • I am proud to be an Indian and respect the culture of my country.
  • Independence Day celebration is the symbol of our freedom.

slogans on Independence day of India in English

Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge… At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.-Rabindranath Tagore

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made! – Jawaharlal Nehru

15 august slogans

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only! – Romaine Rolland, French scholar

If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India. – Mark Twain

I am proud to be an Indian quote

slogan on 15 august independence day in hindi

I love India. Vande Mataram!!

Madan Mohan Malaviya –“Satyameva Jayathe” (Truth alone will win)

Bal Gangadhar Tilak –“Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”

Subhas Chandra Bose — “Delhi Chalo” and “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do main Tumhe Ajadi Doonga” ‘Our nation is like a tree of which the original trunk is swarajya and the branches are swadeshi and boycott.’


best slogans on Independence day

slogan on independence day in Hindi

BAL GANGADHAR TILAK — ‘Whatever difficulties we may face, we must never give up the quest for truth, which alone is God himself.’

GANDHIJI — ‘Apparently, I’ve acted like a terrorist. But I’m not a terrorist.’

BHAGAT SINGH — ‘The essential thing in religion is making the heart pure. The kingdom of heaven is within us but the only pure heart can see the ‘king’ !’

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA — ‘Give me blood, I will give you freedom.’

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